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We are an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm providing investment advice and insurance solutions that afford our clients with peace of mind. Because we are independent, all funds are invested without conflict of interest and we are able to select the insurance companies whose products best suit our client's needs.


We are an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm providing investment advice and insurance solutions that afford our clients peace of mind. Because we are independent, all funds are invested without conflict of interest and we are able to select the insurance companies whose products best suit our client’s needs. Equity Planning Group, Inc. has been implementing financial strategies since 1985.
Nate Goldberg, CFP, and his son, Scott, provide financial planning and risk management for individuals, retirees, small business owners and corporations. A desire to fulfill people’s basic financial needs encouraged Mr. Goldberg to start his business and through word-of-mouth and referrals, Equity Planning Group, Inc. has continued to be a valuable source for financial guidance.



Founder, Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Investment Adviser Representative (IAR) and Resident Counselor of Life, Accident and Health Insurance

Mr. Goldberg has been managing his own investment firm for over 37 years. In the past, he served on the Michigan CFP Board. Previous to entering the field of money management, he worked as an accountant for a National CPA firm. He received his BS in accounting from Ferris State University in 1966.

Mr. Goldberg was a past board member of Yad Ezra, a full-service food pantry and has continued to be the managing director of Thanksgiving Day Baskets for the past 36 years. WWJ Newsradio 950’s Outstanding Citizen of the Week award went to Mr. Goldberg in 1999. Nate is a member of Detroit Old Newsboys. He also volunteers at Fleischman Senior Residence and received the Program of the Year award in 2010. In 2011 Nate and his family received the Jewish Family Service Lifetime of Caring award.

Nate grew up in Northwest Detroit with five older siblings and currently resides in Farmington Hills with his wife, Nancy. They have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.


President, Investment Adviser Representative (IAR), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and Resident Producer of Life, Accident and Health Insurance

Scott Goldberg serves as President of Equity Planning Group, Inc. He has been an Investment Advisory Representative since 2000 and is responsible for daily research, selection, and trading.

Scott is a native of West Bloomfield and grew up in the Farmington Hills area. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1999 and has been involved in the investment business ever since.

He often visits New York for business and pleasure. His interests include physical fitness, sporting events, and spending time with friends and family.


Financial guidance is vital; having someone by your side listening and caring about you and your family, your present and your future.

It is important to trust the source of your advice, as financial planning encompasses many aspects, including:

  • Reviewing your current situation
  • Assessing your risk tolerance
  • Analyzing goals for both short and long term
  • Researching, selecting and monitoring investments
  • Making certain that insurance policies are suitable and provide adequate coverage
  • Assisting with multi-generational planning

Who Can We Help?

We help people with financial goals who are seeking solutions. Understanding the needs of people produces practical results. This is the core of Equity Planning Group, Inc. A solid financial plan changes lives and secures futures.

The following pages will provide you with deeper insight into exactly what services we provide to help you accumulate and preserve your wealth.



You can't leave the most significant aspects of your life uncared for; aspects that provide you with peace of mind. We understand that and are devoted to your financial growth and security. We also understand that prudent management reduces risk, preserves capital and helps you achieve your goals.

As Registered Investment Advisors, it is our duty to:

  • Minimize trading costs and taxes
  • Research the appropriate investments for your time horizon and risk tolerance
  • Conduct regular client reviews to ensure goals are on track
  • Stand by our fiduciary responsibility to work in our clients’ best interest

Equity Planning Group, Inc. is a fee based asset management firm. The only investment fees they receive are from their clients. Portfolios are managed using a variety of different assets: money markets, bonds, equities, MLP’s, REIT’s and commodities. Mutual Funds, ETF’s, ETN’s, stocks and individual bonds are utilized to achieve your financial goals.

The majority of our clients’ assets are held at TD Ameritrade. All funds are held in the client’s name and are segregated. Accounts can be viewed online to review confirmations, check balances, review accounts and monthly statements. Click here to log into your TD Ameritrade account.

Equity Planning Group, Inc. invests using a value oriented strategy. We are patient investors, not market timers. We believe that over time the price of a security will reflect the value of the underlying asset. We believe that a majority of market participants are short term investors, and these “speculators” create opportunities for those with longer time frames (5+ years). Our biggest competitive advantage is the ability to be patient, as we believe wealth is created over time.

Our investment process includes fundamental analysis to select appropriate investments. At times, the positions taken may be at odds with the conventional wisdom of the market but they will always be consistent with our long term goal of achieving the highest possible return with relatively minimal risk of a permanent loss of capital.

Insurance is a key component to any financial plan. Nate and Scott are licensed independent insurance agents. Being independent allows them to provide unbiased counsel which has been the cornerstone of Equity Planning Group, Inc. since it was founded in 1985. With access to multiple insurance carriers, the agents at Equity Planning Group, Inc. are able to identify the most appropriate policies in order to meet their clients’ needs.

The premature death of the primary breadwinner may leave a family without future income, as well as debt. Life insurance protects against that risk. In addition, life insurance proceeds are not taxable. So, when leaving an inheritance to your loved ones, life insurance is often the most efficient option.

Many Americans will become disabled before retirement. Disability insurance is what protects against losing future income due to one’s inability to work.

Health Insurance is now required for all individuals living in Michigan. Whether it’s individual insurance, insurance through your employer or insurance for your employees, we are here to make the process seamless.

Small Business owners are responsible for protecting what they’ve worked so hard to build. The potential risks vary greatly from business to business, so constructing a customized insurance plan is where we begin.


We are very blessed and remain committed to giving back to the community. Below are a few of the causes we support throughout the year in honor of our clients